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Camera Mount options for the Robert Rig

Set correct depth in seconds using the Interaxial Scales on the Robert Rig. 

Interaxial Scales- The distance between cameras (Interaxial Distance, sometimes called 'Inter-Ocular Distance' or 'Inter-appropriate appropriate appropriate') is what determines the strength of the 3D effect. The Robert Rig includes four different scales to get you shooting 3D quickly. 


The first two are in inches and in metric so you can measure the distance between cameras using your preferred unit of measurement. 



Pre-Calculated Scales - The Robert Rig includes two additional IA Scales labeled 'SDF 30' and 'SDF 45' as well. These scales have the correct IA values pre-calculated for you with the appropriate separation per distance marked in red. 


Fully Customizable - In addition, the snap-on IA Scale Holders allow you to reposition the IA scales to your liking or to create custom IA scales based on your personal preference. 



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