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The Robert Rig


The Robert Rig was designed and built by stereographers to meet the needs of stereoscopic photography, videography, and HDR. The features covered here will get you shooting 3D faster, longer, and with better results. 


One Wrench To Rule Them All


Adjust every parameter on the rig with just one wrench. Fully disassemble with two. Set both camera's IO in seconds with locking levers. We designed the rig so you can leave your toolbox at home.


Batteries On The Bottom? - No Problem


The Robert Rig's camera mounts are built to allow access to batteries while leaving the cameras mounted. Change your batteries in minutes without having to dismount and recalibrate your rig. 


Flexibility Built In


We shoot with the Robert Rig everyday and we've built in all the features we want like: 1/4" & 3/8ths mounting holes for pro and consumer tripods, reversible mounting plates to accommodate 3rd party quick releases, 4 additional 1/4" mounting holes for sound gear and fill lights, removable matte-box flaps, and a customizable IO scale.


3D For Dummies IO scales


If you are new to 3D or don't want to do the math just use one of our custom interocular scales. Simply measure the distance to your subject and slide the cameras to the distance on the scale. We have already done the math so you don't have to. Scales based on popular 3D formulas plus our personal favorites. Standard Inches and Millimeter IO scales also provided.  


Durable 3D Alignment Chart

Make 'good shots great with the 3D alignment chart. Pixel perfect matches of tilt, shift, zoom, and keystone are easy to do in post. 


3D Learning and Support Material


All purchasers of the Robert Rig receive access to 3D How-To tutorials, tips & tricks, and 3D best practices. We are not just selling you a rig; we want to make you a better stereographer. 

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