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Shoot 3D with Red Epics and Red Scarlets: Hardware Needed

Components you need:

2 Red Epics or Red Scarlets
1 Robert Rig with Red Epic/Scarlet Adapter Kit

1 Red Master/Slave GIG-E Cable

2 Red 3BNC-to-00 Sync Cables

2 SDI Cables

1 Matrox MC100

1 3D Television or 3D Montior









Overview – Shooting 3D with Red Scarlets and Red Epic produces perfectly synced images with the least amount of temporal disparity possible making for an excellent 3D experience for your audience. However, to get everything to play nice, you need a few extra components. We'll go over all the hardware you need to start shooting 3D. 



Sync Generator – Red Scarlets and Epics need a reference signal in order to acheive frame sync. To do this, you will need a 3rd party sync generator. We have succesufully used the AJA Gen10. You can also use a sync generator from Denecke. 

Connect to the cameras – Connect each camera to the sync generator with a Red 3BNC-to-00 Lemo cable. The smaller end goes into the back of your Red camera and the green-banded (Genlock) BNC connector goes into the Sync Generator. 


Your cameras should now be both in Master/Slave configuration and in sync with each other. 


To view your 3D image on a consumer 3D television we'll use the Matrox MC-100. Connect a BNC cable to the SDI out port on the back of each camera. Connect the other end to the video inputs on the MC-100. Next, connect the Matrox MC-100 to you 3D Television with an HDMI cable.


Matrox MC-100 Settings:


Flip the Top Camera's Image - The top camera's image will be inverted because it's filming the reflection of the beamsplitter glass. Set the Matrox Box to flip this camera's image.


Match Matrox MC-100 and TV 3D Settings - The MC-100 can output several 3D formats including framepacking, over/under/ side-by-side, and even difference and anaglyphy. Make sure that output from the MC-100 matches your television's input. 


Tweak 3D Alignment (Optional) - The MC-100 allows you to tweak the horizontal of vertical position of both cameras. This can be a great way to preview both HIT as well as tweak the alignment to make the preview better. 


Congratulations! You're 3D system should be up and running. Please email us with any issues or suggestions you have and we will add them to this section. 




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